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Preventative Care



Here at Dr. Rossinski Dental Health, we promote the best in oral hygiene so you can live your healthiest life. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, daily brushing and flossing keeps the dentist away. For maximum oral health, we advise regular dental check-ups. Bringing a wealth of oral health education and services to our New York City office, our dental hygienists provide each patient with the utmost comfort, professionalism and tips for at-home care. During your cleaning, plaque and stains will be removed from all teeth surfaces and potential dental problems will be addressed. We use the latest technologies and dental x-rays to properly examine your teeth.


To leave teeth bright, white and shiny, we offer an advanced polishing service. We use high-pressure baking soda and sea salt spray to efficiently remove stains so you see sparkling results.


Fluoride & Sealants

While minty chewing gum and mints are common bad breath blockers, we have a robust arsenal of oral cleaning agents to help get rid of bad breath. Sometimes, improper or inadequate dental hygiene is to blame, while other times, bad breath is attributed to digestive reasons. We work with in a personal consultation to properly diagnose your bad breath symptoms and direct you to the proper referral if one is needed.

Teeth Grinding, Night Guards, & TMJ

If you experience jaw pain, headaches, clicking noises when you open and close your jaw, or feel soreness in your teeth in the morning, you may have TMJ. Teeth grinding can also lead to TMJ, as continuous teeth grinding over time damages the teeth and jaw joint. We advise that you meet with one of our doctors so you can be properly evaluated for signs of grinding or TMJ. A treatment plan will be created for you in order to correct and rehabilitate healthy oral habits. One solution is to use night guards. Similar to how night guards protect the teeth and gum tissue in physical contact sport, night guards help prevent against damage to your teeth. We customize night guards to your individual needs, ensuring the utmost protection to your pearly whites.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea

For sleepers who experience trouble breathing, you may have sleep apnea. This common sleep disorder causes interruptions in rhythmic breathing patterns and blocks the airway. At Dr. Rossinski Dental Health, we craft appliances that help open your airwaves to improve breathing so you sleep safely and soundly.

Oral Cancer Screening & Oral Pathology

During routine check-ups, we always check for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in the mouth, however, we also provide specific oral cancer screening consultations and oral pathology appointments. Our goal with a personalized screening is to identify mouth cancer early on, when it’s easier to reverse. During the screening, our dental hygienists check the mouth for any abnormalities.

oral cancer

Homecare Instructions

To keep teeth and gums healthy, we recommend using gum picks by GUM. These soft rubber tips are perfect for cleaning in between teeth. Flossing should be done daily, so we recommend Reach Total Care by Johnson and Johnson because the floss is soaked in mouthwash for an extra clean taste. With so many toothpastes available, we help narrow it down by recommending a right toothpaste for your mouth, like a three-in-one Fluoridex that includes a fluoride treatment and super-strength desensitizer. And of course, with your toothbrush being an essential tool, we believe Sonicare! Toothbrushes provide the most extensive coverage in the mouth. To learn about more homecare teeth-cleaning tips, contact us at Dr. Rossinski Dental Health at (212) 673-3700.

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