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Doctor Recommends

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Gum picks by GUM soft rubber tips perfect to clean in between teeth if they are not too tight. Shop this product >

Reach Total Care by Johnson and Johnson floss soaked in mouthwash for extra clean taste and fluoride in between the teeth. Shop this product >

Fluoridex toothpaste a 3 in one toothpaste, fluoride treatment and super strength  de-sensitizer. Available for purchase in our office.

Oil pulling see for those who are looking for extra detoxification using their mouth. Shop this product >

L-Pack super bright LED lighted dental kit. A fabulous LED lighted mirror and dental picks for those who want to do more still. Shop this product >

Dr. Katz Therabreath System and Nasal Drops for bad odor due to stomach problems, polyps, tonsil stones, etc. Shop this product >

Organic baking soda great thing to rinse with. Dilute I teaspoon to 8 oz warm water. Shop this product >

Food grade hydrogen peroxide 3%, if you want to use that for rinsing, use food grade! Shop this product >


Sonicare toothbrushes and airfloss are our favorites! Expensive, but worth it. Available to order in our office.

Panasonic Oral Irrigator my favorite water floss. Uses AA batteries instead of rechargeable ones, pack up small for travel. Shop this product >

Dental Herb Company, Tooth and Gum paste organic herbs and green tea combined to give a great formula toothpaste. Shop this product >

GUM tongue cleaner has a brush side and scraper for extra clean and happy tongue. Shop this product >

Copper tongue scraper for extra copper in you body, available in indian stores. Shop this product >

Lysine a supplement that is often lacking in those who are prone to oral ulcers. Shop this product >


Sulcabrush great way to clean in between teeth that have larger spaces in between. Also available in a small travel model. Shop this product >

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