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Dr. Rossinski Philosophy

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Why Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Rossinski’s path to Holistic Dentistry has been deeply intertwined with her personal life journey. Dr. Rossinski believes that harmonious, balanced and happy life starts with a clean body and a clear mind.

She is keenly aware that leading this kind of life involves making personal choices, including environmental and medical choices.

Dr. Rossinski’s strong passion for healing people led her to include elements of holistic Eastern medicine into her practice. At the core of Dr. Rossinski’s approach is her view of the human being as a whole rather than just a collection of separate organs. 

“Wholistic” would be the word to describe Dr. Rossinski’s practice. 


This practice involves listening to individual patients and recommending treatments that would address problem but do no harm. Treating people the way she would like to be treated herself is Dr. Rossinski’s philosophy.

Driven by her desire to provide the best possible care for her patients, Dr. Rossinski went through extensive training in German biological dentistry, learned about the ways to clean the body and studied various detoxification methods. In her practice, Dr. Rossinski pays careful attention to selecting the cleanest dental materials compatible with individual patients.

She is constantly expanding her array of diagnostic and healing techniques based on the most recent developments in medical field.

In her own life, Dr. Rossinski practices yoga, awareness and meditation.

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