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Love going to the dentist :)

Dr.Rossinski now does biological and holistic dental consultation as well as traditional dentistry

Results That Make You Smile

From the highest standards of personalized care to cutting-edge technologies and holistic dental procedures, Dr. Rossinski Dental Health is proud to offer the very best of dental care for New York area clients. With the staff of highly skilled, caring, and attentive dental professionals, extensive experience, and latest state-of-the-art equipment - we are committed to exceeding your expectations with results that make us the best in New York City dentistry. 

From exceptional service and care, to advanced technologies and holistic dental procedures, Fifth Avenue Dental Health is the answer to a brighter smile. With an eye for detail, impeccable technical skill, and a friendly demeanor, the staff at Fifth Avenue Dental Health is committed to making your dental experience comfortable and successful.

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Our Services

Tooth Health

A healthy smile may need professional care. From fillings and crowns to bite analysis, veneers, and sensitive teeth – we welcome every opportunity to take care of your dental needs! 

Gum Health

We offer numerous procedures that create a foundation for healthy and strong teeth. Be it a regular cleaning or a gingivitis treatment – visit us for the best in oral hygiene.



We consider your dental health in the context of your overall well-being, and use biocompatible materials and holistic innovations such as Ozone and Laser for teeth and gums.



Biannual cleanings and exams keep your teeth healthy and your breath fresh. Our procedures help you achieve and maintain a beautiful lasting smile. 


No need to explain, but sadly it happens. We always do our best accommodate a dental EMERGENCY on the SAME DAY.

Insurance & Easy Payment Options

To ensure we find the best option for you, whether you’re using insurance or another form of payment, we suggest that you call us at (212) 673-3700. By calling ahead, we can check your benefits prior to your arrival and help you save time. While we accept most PPO plans, some services require deductibles and co-pays. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.


"Best dentist I've ever been to. She's super nice and patient. Her offices are brand new and super modern."

—  Manish E.

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